Independent Numbers Ltd. is the sister company to Natural Numbers Ltd. Independent Numbers provides services to individuals on an individual basis – this means that you can always guarantee you’ll have unique, one-to-one support tailored to your needs.

Independent Numbers is led by Lisa Ritchens who has been providing this service since 2013, but has been working in finance since 1993. Lisa has built up good working relationships with the NHS, meaning she is well positioned to provide the support needed for Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders. She also has a wealth of experience with self-funders, meaning that she is perfectly positioned to support anyone, from any background, with their PHB needs.

There are some customers whose support needs go above and beyond running payroll. Lisa has experience of home visits to support customers with paperwork, banking and understanding processes around PHBs. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to talk to you give you the help you need.


– Independent Numbers is able to provide an all-inclusive payroll service to anyone needing to pay for carer support with the frequency that works for you: weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly.

– We manage the banking service for both public funding and private funders as well as all aspects of payroll. This includes setting you up as an employer with HMRC, managing pension auto-enrolment and RTI (real time information) submissions to HMRC as well as annual commitments such as P60s.

– We also help with cashflow to ensure there’s always funds available to make the pay run and can support with paying suppliers and liaising with agencies.

We provide a personal, friendly and prompt service and have experience running this type of payroll since 2013.

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